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Who needs Delicious Redbeats?

  • Disc Jockeys: If you don't want to lug your valuable Music Library from gig to gig or want the availability of a larger selection of music to choose from, you need Delicious Redbeats!
  • Bars & Nightclubs: If your DJ ever calls out sick at the last minute, if you're seeking amazing background music, if you're offering Disco Happy Hour or Sunday T-Dance to your guests, or anytime a bunch of your guests want an impromptu Dance Party, no matter the time of day, you need Delicious Redbeats!
  • Retail Businesses: If you're seeking better "Elevator Music" or amazing Background Music for your customers while they shop, you need Delicious Redbeats!
  • Drivers: If you're a Taxi, Limo, Ride Sharing or Party Bus Driver and you want to impress your riders with impressive music, music that they may choose the genre and mix the music themselves or let AutoMix mix it for them and if you want larger tips, you need Delicious Redbeats! As a Driver, you might also like our Party Concierge Self-Promoting Tip Box!


Open Redbeats!


PERSONAL USE: is a Free Music Service and is Always Free for personal use! Tell all your friends & family!


BUSINESS USE: is a Free Music Service, but as a for-profit business, you will help us cover some of our online operating expenses by paying a Bandwidth Usage Fee by the Day, Week, Month or Year, through our Blaine's Party Network Honor System!



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