“as a party concierge, free your mind of the notion of making money, instead focus on helping others achieve their goals and your financial success will happen simultaneously!”
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When you join The Party Concierges Power Pyramid, you’ll be joining a Multi-Level Marketing Company, like no other!

What makes it so different?

Instead of selling tangible products like make-up, diet programs or liquid vitamins to the public, you’ll be selling Business Building Services to Bars & Retail Businesses to help them attract New Customers and Generate Repeat Business for a stronger & more loyal customer base.

As a Independent Party Concierge, you are the lifeblood of Blaine's Party Network® helping it scale into an outrageously powerful party network by:
  • Showing our VIPs (Very Intelligent Partiers) where to Travel, Party, Shop, Eat, Donate, Collect Party Points, Discounts & Free Stuff!

  • Helping your downline grow their income by teaching them your financial successes!

  • Helping Bars & Retail Businesses grow their business with our wide array of free advertising & promotions and the use of our VIP Flash Coupons, VIP Loyalty Cards, VIP Party Passports and Party Points Rewards Program including our Party Points Entertainment, Games, Events, Charitable Fun-razors and Social Experiments!

  • Being a Promoter for the Bars & Businesses in your Downline!
  • Volunteering with Fun-Razors to raise money for charitable organizations!

  • Remembering you’re always a VIP, so always enjoy yourself in all that you do!

Work in your spare time; Full-time, Part-time, or whenever the opportunity arises, with NO Products to Sell, NO Quotas to Meet and you'll NEVER loose your downline... EVER

Even if you get married and have 3 kids, you may come back at any time to continue building your team and raising money for your kid's college fund or whatever you need extra cash for!

Blaine's Party Network's Party Concierges Power Pyramid is an automated 3-Tier Multi-Level Marketing Program offering 10%, 5% and 2% Social Security Commission Checks each month to individuals, families, groups, businesses, non-profit organizations and their volunteers who market Blaine's Party Network® by way of face-to-face direct marketing, email marketing, blogs, online banners and buttons using their personalized Blaine's Party Network® Party Concierge Link.





How Multi-Level Marketing Works: Which would you rather I give you, a Social Security Commission Check worth One (1) Million Bucks in Thirty (30) Months or One (1) Penny today that doubles in value each month over the next Thirty (30) Months?

Take a moment to think about it. Do you think you chose the most profitable option? Click the "View Results" button to see if you're correct!


One Million Bucks
$ 1,000,000.00
Today >>
Month 01
Month 02
Month 03
Month 04
Month 05
Month 06
Month 07
Month 08
Month 09
Month 10
Month 11
Month 12
Month 13
Month 14
Month 15
Month 16
Month 17
Month 18
Month 19
Month 20
Month 21
Month 22
Month 23
Month 24
Month 25
Month 26
Month 27
Month 28
Month 29
Month 30
One Penny Today
$ 10,737,418.24


Of course this would only happen in a perfect world, but this little experiment shows you the theory behind Multi-Level Marketing and building residual income one penny at a time.

Could you live with 50% of the result? 10%? Hell, even 1% ($107,374.18) is a nice Social Security Commission Check, after 30 Months of part-time or full-time work!

To reach your financial goals there are several factors that you must take into consideration:
  1. How much time will you dedicate to building your downline?
  2. How many Bars and Retail Businesses you will sign into your downline over the next Thirty (30) Months?
  3. How many Outrageous Parties, Games, Events, Entertainment, Charitable Fun-razers & Social Experiments you will convince each Bar or Retail Business to use to attract new customers & create repeat business, and how many Party Points will be given away and paid for by those in your downline, over the next Thirty (30) Months?
With a little leg work, some street smarts and a little patience, you too can gradually begin building your bank account over the next Thirty (30) Months and beyond. Results will vary.




How to activate your listing!








Blaine's Party Network® offers several Money Makers for our Party Concierges; VIP Flash Coupons, VIP Loyalty Cards and our Party Points Rewards Program. Since Party Points will generate the most money on a regular basis and grow exponentially over time, I wish to focus on them!

The Party Points Rewards Program is the first rewards program (as far as we know) that includes, and was specifically designed for Nightclubs & Bars!

As a Party Concierge, you will assist Bars & Businesses in creating their own Party Points Rewards Program to help them attract New Customers and generate Repeat Business for a stronger and more loyal customer base!

It's extremely economical for businesses to create their own Party Points Rewards Program! At the end of the month each business in your team will pay one penny for each Party Point that they gave away during the preceding month. Party Points are what generates the money; they are your money maker!

VIPs may open our Phone App and tap , then look for a in any Collect Party Points column to find Official Blaine's Party Network HotSpots, from around the world, offering Party Points.

The more Bars & Businesses that you sign into your team and the more Outrageous Party Points Entertainment, Games, Events, Charitable Fun-Razors and Social Experiments they offer their guests, means more Party Points they will give away, increasing your Social Security Commission Check each month!

As a result you will benefit by receiving 10% of whatever they spend each month. You will also receive a 10% Commission when...
  • A shopper in the Party Points Mall doesn't have enough Party Points and pays the difference with an online cash payment!

  • VIPs in your team purchase a Franchise and pay their Franchise Usage Fees!

  • Party Concierges in your team purchase Marketing Tools and Products to promote & build their Full or Part-time Party Concierge Home-Based Business!

  • Heavenly Talent pay the Finder's Fee for each Gig they book!





I've created Blaine's Party Network® Sales Literature to save you time and money and guarantee brand consistency and the ease of educating future Business Members!

Open & Print the PDF files that you believe will help each business attract New Customers and build Repeat Business for a stronger and more loyal customer base!

Always be prepared and professional! Always have the answers to their questions with a Party Concierge Organizer!

----- please be patient while we convert each web page into a printable PDF -----


Heavenly Talent Agency - BPN-HTA
RedBeats.net - BPN-RB / RedBeats Music Club - BPN-RBMC

FREE!   PPRN Party Points Gift Mall Online Store - BPN-PPGMS
FREE!   Blaine's Trick Cards - BPN-BTC

*Fallen Angels - BPN-FA
*Hot Lips Body Shot Charity Challenge - BPN-HLBS

*Sexhibition - BPN-SEXY
*Sexy Smart Ass - BPN-SSA
*Pact With The Devil - BPN-PWTD
*Sunday T-Dance - BPN-STD






The Party Concierge Organizer is a compact easy to carry hanging file folder case that will help you keep all your sales literature organized and within easy reach.

To get you started, each organizer comes with Five (5) of each sales literature and the availability to download and print more as you need them!

All sales literature comes with generic contact information, but, for a small service charge, we will personalize everything with your photo, contact information and personalized Party Concierge Web Address! You'll be able to download and print your personalized sales literature from your Private File Library.








As a Party Concierge, free your mind of the notion of making money, instead focus on helping others achieve their goals and your financial success will happen simultaneously!

To perform the duties of a Party Concierge, you'll wear as many hats as you need to, to...
  • help VIPs find the best parties, where to shop & collect Party Points, Discounts & Free Stuff!

  • help Party Concierges in your team maximize their income by showing them how to generate money through very little effort!

  • help Companies, Retail Stores, Nightclubs & Bars in your team attract new patrons & generate repeat business for a stronger and more loyal customer base!

  • help Non-Profit Organizatioins raise money through the use of our most unique and unorthodox fun-razing events!

  • help VIPs in your team live the American Dream by firing their boss and becoming a Blaine's Party Network Franchise Owner.

  • help to build Blaine's Party Network into an outrageously powerful party network, the more powerful we become the more we can help!

You must at least wear the Recruiter's Hat to become a Party Concierge, that's all that's required, but as you add each new Party Concierge Hat, in order of importance, your level of desire, commitment and responsibilities will increase resulting in entertaining more VIPs and helping more Party Concierges, Businesses and Charities increase their income, all the while exponentially building your own personal wealth and enjoyment of life.

Of course, let's not forget why you Joined the Party! in the first place! As a VIP, you'll have access to all the Discounts, Free Stuff, Party Points Entertainment, Games, Events, Charitable Fun-Razors and Social Experiments that you and other Party Concierges have created, Party Hearty!

As a Party Concierge, your job is to assist VIPs in finding the Best Parties, Where to Shop and Collect Party Points, Discounts & Free Stuff!

As a Recruiter, you'll sign VIPs into your team giving them the privilege of enjoying Blaine's Party Network's long list of Companies, Retail Businesses, Nightclubs & Bars who are offering Discounts, Free Stuff and Party Points with the help of Party Points Entertainment, Games, Events, Charitable Fun-Razors and Social Experiments, and the use of the Official Blaine's Party Network App!

You'll also sign Companies, Retail Business, Nightclubs & Bars into your team as Official Blaine's Party Network HotSpots and VIPR Pick-Up Spots with a personal interest in helping them attract new patrons and generate repeat business for a stronger and more loyal customer base!

NOTE: Signing VIPs, Franchisees, Companies, Retail Businesses, Nightclubs & Bars, and Charities into your team does not guarantee you any income, It does however guarantee that they will remain in your team FOR LIFE!

Creating a residual income begins when you put on your Sales Person's Hat!

As a Sales Person, you will generate residual income by encouraging Companies, Retail Businesses, Nightclubs & Bars to offer VIP Flash Coupons, VIP Loyalty Cards and Party Points to their current and future patrons.

Help them create their own Party Points Rewards Program with original give-a-ways unique to their business model, plus, assist them in adding any of our Outrageous Party Points Entertainment, Games, Events, Charitable Fun-Razors and Social Experiments to their weekly schedule as well, rewarding their guests with Party Points for their participation!

At the end of each month, every Company, Retail Business, Nightclub & Bar in your team will pay for the VIP Flash Coupons and VIP Loyalty Cards used and Party Points given away during any of their weekly promotions and you will receive a 10% Social Security Commission Check of that amount!

To exponentially increase your residual income, you'll want to put on your Promoter's Hat next.

As a Promoter, you've earned bragging rights, so use Social Media, carrier pigeons, texts, flyers, advertisements, etc. to encourage your readers to join you at any of the Companies, Retail Businesses, Nightclubs & Bars in your team for the best in discounts, free stuff and entertainment! It makes perfect sense, the more people who visit your business members the bigger your Social Security Commission Check will exponentially grow!

As a Party Concierge, when you sign Companies, Retail Businesses, Nightclubs & Bars into your team as Official Blaine's Party Network HotSpots and VIPR Pick-Up Spots, you're similtaneously acting as a VIPR Strike Zone Developer, developing areas where VIPR Designated Drivers will pick-up an drop-off riders.

When you have 25+ VIPR Pick-Up Spots signed within a 10 Mile radius, your VIPR Strike Zone will be activated!

As a VIPR Designated Driver, you'll receive two (2) streams of income, one as a driver of course and one as an Party Concierge, plus you'll be able to wear ALL your Party Concierge Hats at once!

As you drive VIPs to and from our Official Blaine's Party Network HotSpots, you'll be able to Guide them where they want to go, you'll be able to Recruit new individual & business members, it's like a Party Concierge Office on wheels!






Blaine Klingaman
@ Blaine's Party Network
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
United States


These days everyone needs a little financial boost, so let me mentor you on how to help Businesses build a stronger and more loyal customer base or help Charities raise much needed funds, as you pay-it-forward by showing other people how to do the same!

I would love to show you just how easy it can be Making Money & Fun!

I'm proud to report that with the encouragement and guidance of my mentor I have personally generated $1540.00 income since joining Blaine's Party Network's Party Concierge Power Pyramid!

If you're ready, Join The Party! and let's get started...





*Technically it's not a car, but it will get you there in style and you're not really Winning it, you're actually earning it! Elio is the Official Vehicle of Blaine's Party Network® that achieves an amazing 84 MPG Highway, is Made in America utilizing 90% North American Content and is Engineered for a 5-Star Crash Test Safety Rating. Standard features include A/C and heat, AM/FM stereo, power windows, power door lock, three air bags, auxiliary port, ABS and traction control. Another important fact, it's better than Cow Farts! Learn More!







Hot University is a Tuition Free Online Community College available to all Blaine's Party Network® VIPs, Party Concierges, Franchisees, Volunteers, HotSpots & their staff and Affiliate Non-Profit Organizations, where you're not only a member of the student body but a member of the faculty as well! Hot University is the only institution of higher education offering a Doctor of Party Hearty degree (PhD).

Amass all the experience and knowledge available to you within Hot University! Ask specific questions on how to build your team, earn more money and where are the best community Hot Spots offering the best entertainment, events & parties. Absorb as much information as they're willing to teach, and utilize it for a brighter future!

I'm certain that as you gain your own life experiences, as a Blaine's Party Network® Member, that you'll want to pass them on to the entire faculty and student body of Hot U!

Write articles, make informative videos or open a chat session are only a few of the great ways to teach your experiences. Answer questions like: What methods did you use to become successful and what pitfalls have you avoided?... Did promoting businesses in your team really increase your income?... Will I still make money if I walk away from a business that I just signed into my team?... just to name a few.

You're Never Too Old To Learn... so let's get started!



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