Blaine's Party Network® presents Disco Happy Hour - The World Needs More Happy!
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Open our Phone App and tap , then look for a in the column to find an Official Blaine's Party Network HotSpot near you offering Disco Happy Hour!

Times May Vary!

Bumper to Bumper Traffic or do the Bump [2] [3], you decide! Get out of rush-hour traffic and join young spirited Seniors & Baby Boomers dressed in the style and dance to the music from the Disco Era! If you don't use it, you loose it! Younger generations are always encouraged to attend to learn a little bit about history and how to have fun without hand held devices!

If you jog, do aerobics or palates to keep your Body Fit and cross-word puzzles and sudoku to keep your Mind Fit, why not visit a local Disco Happy Hour to become Disco Fit, if you're crazy for disco music like I am, you'll have a Disco Fit! All you have to do is Dance, Dance, Dance, you'll get the same results but with more fun and liquor!
Collect up to 5,000 Party Points every weekday during Disco Happy Hour! Promotions may vary from location to location! You may redeem your Party Points at anytime, for any of the thousands of quality gifts found in our Party Points Gift Mall.



Do you have a favorite Bar or Nightclub that you would like to see offer Disco Happy Hour, so you can dance, drink and collect Party Points? Send us their Name & contact information.





Do you like Making Money & Fun? As a Party Concierge, your job description is to promote Bars & Businesses in your network and help them attract New Customers, generate Repeat Business and entertain their patrons! You'll receive a Social Security Commission Check, that will grow exponentially, each month!





Would your Bar like to Attract New Customers and generate Repeat Business for a stronger and more loyal customer base? Disco Happy Hour & Party Points will make your cash registers sing, making your sales higher than your Platform Shoes!

One of our friendly Party Concierges will gladly help you organize your Disco Happy Hour and create your own personalized Party Points Rewards Program that will easily fit into your business plan & budget! In our App, we also offer digital VIP Flash Coupons and digital VIP Loyalty Cards to help you grow your business, ask your Party Concierge for complete details!






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