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With your help, our goal is to build the largest International Online DJ Music Pool available to everyone in the world! If every Disc Jockey and Music Lover were to upload their entire music library to our Music Pool, can you imagine how many songs would be at your fingertips (minus duplicates of course)! All you have to do is Join The Party! and begin adding your music using the submission form below.


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Turn your music, from any era, recorded on Glass, Wood, Wax, Vinyl, Reel to Reel, 8-Track, Cassette, Laser Disc. or CD, etc. into an .mp3 file!

Back-up your music library to our growing list of 384 Titles! For each title you add, we'll give you 500 Party Points, redeemable for any of the quality products found in our Party Points Gift Mall & Redemption Center.


  • To collect Party Points, you must enter a valid VIP Username!
  • You must enter your Full Name and a working Email Address!
  • The Song File must be an MP3 or WAV, any sample rate!
  • The Song File can not be larger than 50mb = 51200kb!
  • The Song must be original/organic, No re-mixes or enhancements!
  • You must enter the Artist's Name†, Title of the Song, Year of Release and Name of the Record Label exactly as they appear on the record or jacket!
  • We reserve the right to NOT accept any music that includes hate, violence or degrading slurs of any kind!
  • We will NOT accept duplicates, unless your copy is an improvement in sound quality over the one already on file!
† We will however accept corrections if it rights a wrong and gives due credit to an overlooked artist: IE: Black Box (Martha Wash) - Everybody Everybody

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