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Open our Phone App and tap , then look for a in any of these columns


to find an Official Blaine's Party Network HotSpot near you that's giving away Party Points or look for the We Give Party Points window sticker as you walk or drive around town and you'll have the confidence knowing that these HotSpots offer benefits and an outrageously good time!

Finally there's a Rewards Network that includes Bars & Nightclubs! Our Party Points Rewards Network is what drives the Blaine's Party Network, rewarding you with Party Points for just about everything you do each and everyday & night while visiting any of our exclusive Blaine's Party Network HotSpots, offering our Party Points Entertainment, Games, Events, Charitable Fun-Razors and Social Experiments!

The most exciting part of our Rewards Network is that it's not created exclusively for one business, but our entire network of Official Blaine's Party Network HotSpots from around the world and all your collected Party Points will accumulate into one account, redeemable for any of the thousands of quality products found in our Party Points Gift Mall.



Party at your favorite HotSpots displaying the "We Give Party Points" window sticker, scan the Party Points QRcodes inside with our Phone App and rack up Party Points every day & night!

Shop at any Neighborhood Businesses displaying the "We Give Party Points" window sticker and collect Party Points toward valuable gifts in our Party Points Gift Mall!

Surf websites that display the "We Give Party Points" banner to collect Party Points everyday! You may also collect Party Points by performing Daily Actions!

Win the Sexy Contest during any performance of iSexhibition or be crowned Prom King, Queen, Prince or Princess during the Sexy Senior Prom and collect Party Points toward Amazing Rewards!

Donate your body to charity! Dare to Take the Hot Lips Body Shot Charity Challenge and help raise money for your favorite Non-Profit Organization. The more you raise the more Party Points you'll collect!

Answer any multiple choice question correctly during our Sexy Smart Ass, A Questionable Trivia Game and collect Party Points! Smart Phones & People needed to play! Are you a Smart Ass?

Purchase Party Points at any Angel's Kiss Casinos and you'll experience an exhilarating good time playing any of the available games and the satisfaction of knowing that 50% of your purchase will be given back to the community to help others through local and national charities!

Upload your favorite music, any genre, any era, to our Red Beats DJ Music Pool for safe keeping! Once uploaded, you'll have access to your own music plus thousands of other songs from other music lovers, where you can make some amazing mixes using our Red Beats DJ Mixing Board. For each track you upload we'll give you 469 Party Points!

Every time you request a VIPR you'll receive 50 Party Points Per Every $1 Spent on Every Ride! *Excludes taxes, fees, tolls, tips and VIPR Party Line. Currently we're seeking Future VIPR Pick-Up Spots and VIPR Drivers!


1. Download The "Blaine's Party Network" App.


2. Open Our App.
3. Scan The QRcode.
4. Collect Your Party Points


5. Redeem Your Party Points.


You may redeem your collected Party Points, at any time! Below is only a sampling of the thousands of quality gifts available, to view our entire catalog visit, Party Points Gift Mall. When you see something you like put it on Your Wishlist and set yourself a goal of how many Party Points you'll need to collect each day in order to get your gift FREE!
The dollar value of one Party Point is one-tenth of one cent. If you do not have enough Party Points, you may pay the balance with an Online Payment. The gifts displayed here are only for the purpose of showcasing the variety of quality products that you will find in our Party Points Gift Mall. The Gifts displayed above, may or may not be available in the Party Points Gift Mall at the time of redemption/purchase. Each Party Points Gift Mall Store is independently owned, operated and the responsibility of its owner. Store Owners reserve the right to change Prices & Party Point Values and add or delete gifts whenever necessary at their sole discretion.





Do you have a favorite Bar or Business that you would like to see become an Official Blaine's Party Network HotSpot and give away Party Points? Getting that extra perk will make patronizing them even sweeter! Better yet, why don't you become a Party Concierge, sign them into your network, collect Party Points and receive a Social Security Commission Check each month, now that's the sweetest!





Do you like Making Money & Fun? As a Party Concierge, your job description is to promote Bars & Businesses in your network and help them attract New Patrons, generate Repeat Business and entertain their patrons! You'll receive a Social Security Commission Check, that will grow exponentially, each month!





Attract New Patrons and generate Repeat Business for a stronger and more loyal customer base! One of our friendly Party Concierges will gladly help you create your own personalized Party Points Rewards Program that will easily fit into your business plan & budget! In our App, we also offer digital VIP Flash Coupons and digital VIP Loyalty Cards to help you grow your business, ask your Party Concierge for complete details!










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