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Open our Phone App and tap , then look for a in the column to find an Official iSexy Party Network HotSpot near you showcasing our Fallen Angels - Bad Girls Doing Good Things! I guarantee you the most Outrageous Night Out and Charity Fund-raising Event EVER!

A Live Camp Drag Show by the Fallen Angels will be the most fun you'll ever have without taking your clothes off! (Warning: Our Fallen Angels are extremely lonely and easily distracted while performing by shiny objects and naked people, so please, only tip with paper money and never ever take your clothes off - I'm just sayin').

If you're ever pulled on stage by a Fallen Angel you could win valuable iSexy Redpoints for participating, redeemable for any of the thousands of quality products found in our iSexy Redpoints Gift Mall, and/or receive a delicious cocktail or shooter!

Female impersonation has been in the Arts for centuries, from Shakespearean plays to Paintings, some believe that Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is a painting of a man dressed as a woman! With Live Vocals or Lip Syncing to music, Fallen Angels performances can be serious, hilarious, extremely creative, mostly unpredictable but always entertaining!

Fallen Angels are a part of Angels Kiss Casino's Heavenly Hosts, a Fundraising Network of Angels Kiss Volunteers. Fallen Angels are Bad Girls Doing Good Things because they're not exactly ladies by ethical standards (or by any standards for that matter) and they perform without pay while donating 100% of their tips to charity!

Our Fallen Angels are truly Good Will Embassadors in Heels volunteering their time and money to help charities around the world!

If you wish to find your feminine side or just enjoy entertaining people no matter what it takes, take The Tuck Pledge and become a Fallen Angel to help raise a little Hell and a lot of money for charity!

If you're interested in volunteering or have questions, contact us at:







Open our Phone App and tap , then look for a in the column to find an Official iSexy Party Network HotSpot near you offering Fallen Angels Charity IMAHO!

You're cordially invited to a night of Camp & Circumstance, with our lovely Ladies of the Evening, the Fallen Angels! Raising money for charity has never been so disgustingly vulgar, hilarious, entertaining and unladylike! If you love to see your friends and family squirm with embarrassment, invite them along!

Our IMAHO Cards come in Four (4) Colors and each sheet has Four (4) Serialized IMAHO Cards!

The price per sheet is between $5.00 and $25.00! The more you spend on IMAHO Cards the larger Percentage you could win of the Jackpot!

For every Five (5) Dollars spent, 100 iSexy Redpoints will be added to the Jackpot! For example, when a Gold IMAHO Sheet is purchased we will add 500 iSexy Redpoints to the Jackpot!

100%* of the money raised will benefit the Charity of the HotSpot's choosing!


We will continually update the total of the Fallen Angels IMAHO Jackpot and the Estimated Donations Raised during the evening! In the following graphic you will see how the Jackpot will be distributed between different color Jackpot Winners!

* IMAHO Sheet Purchases, Plus Tips & Bucket Donations, Minus The Cost of iSexy Redpoints and Some Other Operating Expenses.

After you purchase your IMAHO Cards, order a drink, sit back & relax and get ready for an unpredictable good time! Fallen Angels will perform during each intermission and they might just pull you up on stage and put you in the show!

Translucent Red Plastic IMAHO Markers, Tit Winks, will be supplied so that you may reuse your IMAHO Sheets for each and every game throughout the night!

To keep the event running smoothly, our automated Fallen Angels Charity IMAHO Flash Board & Number Caller, viewed on our large monitor, will display the Current Game Pattern, the Current Number being called, how many numbers have been called and what they are displayed in Red!


For each game you win, you'll receive a congratulatory "Fallen Angel" Shooter, plus your name will be entered in the Fallen Angels IMAHO Jackpot Drawing for your specific IMAHO Sheet Color! There are only Four (4) Jackpot Winners per night, one for each color, and you must be present to win! Additional Prizes may be awarded by some locations.

You must have an iSexy Redpoints Gift Mall account in order to collect your Fallen Angels IMAHO Jackpot Prize, redeemable for any of the thousands of quality products found in our iSexy Redpoints Gift Mall.






I'm so happy, honored & proud that The New LeBuzz in Marietta, GA USA was the first Drinking Establishment to utilize the Hot Lips Body Shot Charity Challenge to help raise money for their favorite Non-Profit Organization; North Georgia Marietta Pride. I wish them, and other participating HotSpots, much success with their ongoing fundraising efforts!

Blaine Klingaman, Founder iSexy Party Network®


Donations Raised Since 2016:
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