Blaine's Party Network® Presents Earth Angel Project, an initiative of our members working together for a greener world!
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At Blaine's Party Network® we want to help do our part in slowing down & reversing Global Warming.

I encourage all of my VIPs, Party Concierges, Franchisees, HotSpots and Charitable Organizations to join me in my Earth Angel Project.

Let's start the conversation... more to come!

When I was a kid, I remember taking our soda bottles to the local grocery store and getting a refund of 5¢ for each bottle, unfortunately they stopped this practice years ago and I often wondered why.

Was it a financial headache, did it cause bug infestations at the grocery store or did the soda companies just want every bottle to look shiny & new holding their delicious products.

Personally, I thought the more scratches and chips the glass bottle had, the better it's contents tasted, sort of like a fine aged wine!

I would like to see the return of the bottle refund, so much so, that I would love to work with any bottler to recreate the Bottle Refund Policy, but instead of cash, offer Twenty-Five (25) Party Points per bottle.

Party Points are redeemable for any of the thousands of quality products found in our Party Points Gift Mall.





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