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As a Very Intelligent Partier, open our App to find where to Travel, Party, Shop, Eat, Donate, Collect Party Points, Discounts & Free Stuff!

Also, look for the respected Blaine's Party Network HotSpot Window Sticker as your walk and drive around the neighborhoods of the world, and when you see one, stop in to see what excitement awaits you!











At Blaine's Party Network® we take pride in helping our VIPs, Very Intelligent Partiers, find Amazing Shopping Experiences, Discounts, Free Stuff, and Outrageous Party Atmospheres offering rewarding Party Points Entertainment, Games, Events, Charitable Fun-Razors and Social Experiments, but we’re also concerned for their safety and well-being while doing so.

To resolve our concerns we decided to develop our own Rideshare Service, so we can take our VIPs to and from our Official Blaine's Party Network HotSpots, and we're calling it, Very Intelligent Partier Rides, VIPR for short - “viper”.

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Give Back! Do you have a few hours to spare each week? Volunteer as a Heavenly Host or Fallen Angel during our Charitable Fun-razing Events or Host a Disco Happy Hour at an Adult Day Care Center or Senior Living Community near you!









Seeking Partying Sales Reps! The best way to generate income is through very little effort! Become a Party Concierge, it’s FREE!, and receive 10% Commissions on all cash purchases made by VIPs & HotSpots in your network... for Life!









Live the American Dream! Become your own boss and a part of our powerful party network! You’ll not only be building a future for yourself, but, you’ll also be entertaining the world & helping others find financial freedom as well!









Don't just drop money in a bucket, get more bang for your buck! Experience the most unique and unorthodox fun-razing events around! Give to your favorite Charity, collect Party Points, Laugh, Drink and be Mary! (or Shaniqua, if you so choose!)









Blaine's Party Network® is a complete Business Building System developed to promote Companies, Retail Businesses, Nightclubs & Bars 13+ possible ways, creating the best online, on location, B2B cross-promotion not seen since the 70s and 80s!

Attract new customers and generate repeat business with my VIP Flash Coupons, VIP Loyalty Cards, VIP Party Passports, give away Party Points and offer any of my Party Points Entertainment, Games, Events, Charitable Fun-razors and Social Experiments!









To celebrate the exciting launch of our Outdoor Advertising Campaign, I will reward you with 1,000 Party Points for the best photo you take of any of our Digital Billboards!









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As your Party Concierge, it is my pleasure to help you find whatever you need/want! Simply Join The Party!, Download our Blaine's Party Network® App, Search for what you're seeking, then, Go be entertained, Collect some Party Points, Discounts & Free Stuff and most importantly, Party Hearty!

I hope you have an Outrageously Good Time and as always, Please Drink Responsibly, and if not, request a VIPR.





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